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Flossing is an important part of oral hygiene!

Floss everyday for better dental health

When you come in for your visit at Yonkers Avenue Dental, you will find you are often asked: “Have you been flossing?” I have heard a multitude of responses to that question over the years and more often than not the response is “Not as often as I should”. Flossing is an extremely important part of our daily hygiene routine, but most patients don’t understand the benefits behind the required task.

Why do we floss?
Much like brushing, flossing is a mechanical means of removing food and plaque from the teeth. We floss to prevent cavities from forming in between our teeth. We floss to prevent gingivitis (painful inflammation of ...

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All About Brushing our Teeth!

tooth brushing Yonkers dentist

Brushing our teeth is something that we are taught from a very young age. It is a customary daily routine for most people that is an important part of taking care of our teeth, our gums, and overall health. Children whine about completing the task and adults usually go through the motions as they consider all the days itinerary that lay in front of them. There are some of you who are gems, adults and children, who enjoy the routine or who have the appropriate understanding of why we actually do this.

Why do we brush?

There are a couple of reasons why we brush our teeth:

  • We brush ...

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