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Patient Testimonials

Our patients are very satisfied about the quality of our dental care and they like to share their reviews with you. Read their testimonials below and also check the video.



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Shane Reviews Yonkers Avenue Dental

The drive from Maine down to Yonkers doesn’t prevent Shane from taking care of his dental health at Yonkers Avenue Dental! In his review, Shane talks about how the clean, modern, and inviting atmosphere, along with the great team has gotten him and his family excited about coming to the dentist!

Geneva’s Dental Implant review

Geneva was shocked at how easy and painless it was to get her dental implant at Yonkers Avenue Dental! Hear what she had to say about our team and the process.

Raudy’s Dental Implant Review

Raudy is determined to ensure his mouth remains healthy and wants no missing teeth. To replace those he lost when he was younger, Raudy opted for dental implants at Yonkers Avenue Dental. Hear about his experience!

Demetri’s Review of Yonkers Avenue Dental

Demetri tells his story about how he was extremely nervous about getting a root canal done, but the team at Yonkers Avenue Dental made him feel very comfortable. He was able to not only complete his root canal, but has come back many times to finish all his work!

Yonkers Avenue Dental Testimonial

Thanks Kaitlin for the review! We're so glad to have been part of your journey!

Yonkers Avenue Dental Testimonial

Thanks Gobran for the wonderful review. Your new crowns look great and we can't wait to see you back!

Dental Implant Testimonial for Dr Rajani at Yonkers Avenue Dental

Shan Shan leaves glowing feedback for the team at Yonkers Avenue Dental. She recently had 2 dental implants placed to replace missing teeth. One of them was placed with a surgical guide printed on a 3D printer after virtual surgical planning on a CT scan.

Yonkers Avenue Dental Implant Testimonial

Patrick had a dental implant placed at the same time as a sinus bone graft. He was nervous at first, but after it was over, he was surprised at how easy and painless it was! The entire procedure took 45 minutes. In a few months he’ll be ready to place a crown on the integrated implant.

Ritvan’s Review of Yonkers Avenue Dental

Ritvan had his dental implant placed at Yonkers Avenue Dental and came back to share his great experience. Thanks for the feedback!

Alisia’s Implant journey at Yonkers Avenue Dental

Alisia is on a journey to replace a tooth she lost a long time ago. Hear her inspiring story and how far she has come to restore her smile and improve her dental health at Yonkers Avenue Dental.

Daniel’s Implant Review at Yonkers Avenue Dental

Daniel was a bit nervous at first, but soon realized getting an implant isn’t so bad - especially at Yonkers Avenue Dental!

Best dentist I've ever had

Best dentist I've ever had. extremely friendly and puts you at ease if you are nervous. told him i really hated shots in the mouth and he made sure i was ready and calm and made it so it didn't hurt. had a really great rapport with him, easy to talk to and can make you laugh.

I would recommend him to any one i know and the staff is very friendly as well, an all a round great experience.

Great experience and felt I was taken care of!

So I haven't been to a dentist office in over 8 years so this was going to be a new experience for me. From the moment I walked in I felt a sense of welcome and comfort. After I was greeted and quickly checked in through ZocDoc.com.

Very comfortable waiting area. I waited maybe 5 minutes before they started my X-rays. The dental assistant was very friendly and took care of me with the utmost care. Very nice woman. Dr. Rajani was with me in a matter of minutes. The dental room was equipped with the most modern dental technology.

Dr. Ranjani's was very courteous and helpful when letting me know what he is doing. Altogether it was a great experience and felt was taken care of. In the end I was referred to a oral surgeon but I'm definitely scheduling my appointment back here for the follow up. 10/10

Best. Dentist. Ever.

Dr. Rajani and his staff are wonderful! Growing up I had horrible experiences with dentists, from the minute I walked in I felt comfortable. Dr. Rajani and his staff make you feel comfortable & explain everything that will go on during your visit! I also LOVE how clean and modern the office is...

What's better than getting a procedure and being able to wear headphones and watch a show on Netflix! Best. Dentist. Ever.

Relaxing atmosphere in an ultra-modern decor

A big thank you to Dr Rajani and staff. A very friendly and welcoming receptionist was followed by an excellent professional dentist who walked me through every procedure to allay my fears and apprehensions.

His state of the art X-ray room and impeccably clean facilities will have me returning to this dental office.

From the ultra-modern decor to the relaxing atmosphere, Dr Rajani and staff transformed an experience that I was dreading to a very pleasant affair.

An added bonus of Coldplay being played as I was being attended to was delightful.

I would recommend this place to all who need a dental treatment!

I read few reviews about this place, before my visit, and I would say I was very happy with the service. Of all the dentist office i have attended this one was the best. The doctor took the pictures and explained what's wrong with my tooth and how he is going to Fix it, which is all we expect from any doctor. I would recommend this place to all who need a dental treatment.

I will be a life long patient to Dr. Rajani forever!

Dr. Rajani is the most professional person and the most caring dentist I have ever visited. I have traveled quite a distance to see him, as he was recommended as being a great dentist.

After meeting with him and getting such personal and gentle care I would never have anyone work on my teeth other than Dr. Rajani ever again. I will be a life long patient to Dr. Rajani forever. Thank you for your time and patience with me.

Professional, friendly, very knowledgeable, and takes the time to explain your issues!

I moved to a new neighborhood and was looking for a new dentist. I think I found a coupon from Yonkers Avenue Dental in my welcome-to-the-neighborhood pack. So I decided to make an appointment.

Dr. Rajani has a well-appointed, brand new, immaculate, state-of-the art-dental facility. He is professional, friendly, very knowledgeable, and takes the time to explain your issues. I was comfortable and at ease the moment I walked in.

Parking was easy to find around the office. The staff is friendly and efficient. Dr. Rajani accepts my insurance too, so this was a total win for me. Thank you Dr. Rajani!

Well organized and spotless

My dentist was very approachable with the many questions I had to ask. He seemed genuinely concerned about my oral hygiene. The facility was so well organized and spotless. I was completely covered through my insurance so I did not have to worry and the office was very close to my home.

Really cool to be armed with Netflix

I went out to jog at night and saw their signage with the number. I called immediately I must say, the receptionist was so pleasant.I must state here I hate dental office but this was not the case the dentist was so thorough, took time to explain in detail what I needed.
They even explained what my insurance covers and what my deductibles were in order to make an informed decision. While I did my deep cleansing procedure I was armed with Netflix and an earphone I could choose whatever I wanted to see it was really cool. I must say this was a pretty experience ...oh the office space is so well decorated!