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Do I have to avoid certain foods with a dental crown?

A dental crown is used to restore your tooth to the natural state that it was once in. Get fitted for a dental crown in Yonkers conveniently at our office. Crowns provide strength to weak or broken teeth to preserve their space in the jaw bone and prevent teeth from shifting. Crowns are durable and are designed to be used as you would your natural teeth.

Dental crowns have a layer of porcelain on the outside to make the crown look like your other teeth. This porcelain can chip or crack when chewing hard candy, nuts, ice or other hard items as such. The crown underneath may stay in good position but the porcelain may be damaged as a result. We would advise the patients to avoid hard foods like the ones previously mentioned to maintain the beauty and integrity of your crowns.

If you already have a crown that has a chip in the porcelain and you would like to fix it for aesthetic reasons, Yonkers Avenue Dental can custom make you a beautiful crown in just a few visits. Feel free to call our office today for an examination appointment and Dr. Rajani can advise you of your treatment options.