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Is there anyone who is a bad candidate for Invisalign?


The biggest complications we see with Invisalign usually come from patients who don’t stick to their treatment plan. If you’re forgetful, or if you feel you will be tempted to remove your aligners if they start to feel uncomfortable (rather than waiting out the discomfort) then braces might be a better option for you.

Parents seeking Invisalign treatments for teens should be particularly aware of this fact, and honestly evaluate their teen’s ability to stick to the plan. A teen can’t just pull braces out of his or her mouth whenever he or she wants.

Some alignment issues may also make you a poor candidate, but we won’t know whether or not we’ll be able to use Invisalign as a solution until we see you. Some offices will tell you differently, but we believe there are just a few things Invisalign should not be doing. We feel some of these offices are taking a risk by using Invisalign for things that braces should really be doing. We avoid these mistakes by using the best tools for the task, whatever those tools happen to be.