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What are the benefits of Phase I orthodontic treatment?

Phase I treatments offer many benefits. First, it usually helps us reduce or eliminate a need to extract permanent teeth in the future. Extraction is a last-resort method we use to improve crowding conditions later in life, but it’s painful and it’s not at all ideal. Whenever possible, we want your child to keep his or her teeth.

Second, it can reduce or eliminate the need for the child to have jaw surgery later. Phase I is very effective at correcting narrow upper arches.

Third, Phase I typically improves treatment outcomes for patients who may need an additional round of braces later (Phase II). They may need to wear braces for a shorter period of time than teens who have never had any form of orthodontic treatment before. In addition, Phase I tends to improve a teen’s compliance, as they are already used to working with braces and retainers.

Fourth, Phase I can help permanent teeth erupt in a more favorable way. In some patients, no additional treatment is necessary.