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What kind of orthodontic approach does Yonkers Avenue Dental use?

We use a system called the Individual Appliance, or Individual Orthodontics. The major difference between this system and traditional orthodontics is all in the types of brackets we use. As the name implies, our brackets are customized for each patient.

So, how does this work?

First, we gather all of the data we can about your mouth. This is important: every mouth is different. We look at images. We look at your dental history. We plug all of this into the computer in order to create a model. This model shows us the best treatment outcome for each individual patient.

Once we’ve got the model, we talk to the patient and develop a treatment plan. Armed with this treatment plan, we can select brackets for each tooth, designing each one to encourage every tooth to move the way we want it to move. We find this method helps the teeth fall into place more efficiently. Treatment happens a lot faster—and the results we get are often better than the results we’d see with traditional braces, too.