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What should I know about veneers?

Veneers are used to correct chipped and discolored teeth. They can also help you get a shapely smile that you’ll really love, concealing unsightly gaps in your teeth. If your teeth are slightly misaligned but don’t really require braces, veneers can help as well. Once, veneers were the exclusive secret of Hollywood stars. Today, they’re perfectly accessible to everyone else.

We start by making a model of your mouth, which we use to build a custom set of veneers just for you. We then use a powerful bonding agent to affix the veneers to your real teeth.

Average cost of veneers: $1293.75 (porcelain costs more, composite costs less).

Lasts for: 7-20 years

Patient Testimonial:Yonkers Avenue Dental Testimonial

Thanks Gobran for the wonderful review. Your new crowns look great and we can't wait to see you back! Read More

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