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What about over-the-counter teeth whitening kits?

While the whitening kits you can find at your local drug store cost less than professional kits, the truth is that this is a case where you get what you pay for. Drug store whitening kits are designed to be “one size fits all”. Each person’s needs are different from each other, so that just doesn’t work. The strength of the carabamide peroxide, or the whitening agent, in drug store kits are not as strong as what you can get with a professional kit. This translates into using the product longer and still not achieving the desired effect.

Whitening teeth in Yonkers is best done professionally with a dentist that you can trust. Dr. Rajani uses the Zoom! Whitening treatment in his office and you will be pleasantly surprised at the instant effect and gratification you have when choosing this treatment.

When you make an appointment for an exam with Yonkers Avenue Dental, Dr. Rajani will review the different whitening modalities there are and help you make your dreams of white teeth a reality. Call our office and schedule an appointment today.