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Will whitening my teeth hurt?

As with any treatment, not all patients respond the same. Many whitening kits have added desensitizing agents, to alleviate that feeling of minimal sensitivity that some report after use. Patients do not report pain or that their teeth hurt, some people just feel mild sensitivity. Many hygienists recommend using sensitivity toothpaste for approximately 2 weeks prior to beginning whitening treatment to alleviate any potential sensitivity. The fact is that billions of dollars are spent in this country alone on whitening teeth products. It is a procedure that is in high demand. We seek to deliver what you want to see, whitened teeth, as we keep your total comfort in mind.

Please keep in mind that the potential for sensitivity is not across the board for everyone – please discuss these concerns with Dr. Rajani. Professional whitening treatments, such as the Zoom! treatment that we use can be customized to accommodate all patients. Whitening of teeth has become a common dental procedure, and Yonkers Avenue Dental can give you that dazzling white smile you dream of. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment to have an examination and to discuss your concerns.