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Can I go back to work after my appointment?

Returning to work after a dental procedure is dependent on the patient and the type of work you do. There are procedures such as simple fillings that require a little local anesthetic to the tooth, which typically wears off within a few hours. It does not inhibit speaking or cause drowsiness, so yes, returning to work is fine.

Dental procedures where the patient elects to use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) are also easily recovered from. Patients may also have a small amount of local anesthetic while using nitrous oxide. Neither will inhibit speaking nor cause drowsiness.

However, there are procedures where Dr. Rajani will instruct you to remain out of work for the day if he feels your work will interfere with your healing and comfort level. This may include: extraction, root canal, deep gum treatment, dental implant placement, or other dental surgery. You may also discuss these concerns with him, as you know what your job entails and what you are capable of. 

Our goal at Yonkers Avenue Dental is for you to receive the best care possible and our concern will always be for our patients and their well-being. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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