Today, the knowledge and advances in Orthodontics are truly amazing. We are able to correct most dental and skeletal problems with bite, alignment, and badly positioned teeth. We are able to do this faster, with fewer appointments, and better results! Dr. Rajani uses the latest technology in braces – the computer customized individual patient appliance.

The best part: we provide all orthodontic treatment in Yonkers, along with all your other dental needs at our office. There is no need to make multiple trips to different dental offices now, which will save you time and money.

Free Consultation

Each patient is given an Orthodontic Consultation free of charge. Should you decide to proceed, using x-rays, computerized imaging, dental impressions, photographs and clinical evaluation, Dr. Rajani can present you a personalized treatment plan for straightening your teeth.  The orthodontic appliances used will apply gentle pressure to align and straighten teeth in Yonkers. Treatment duration varies depending on age of patient, compliance and how severe the condition is. As always, patient cooperation is a key factor in making their orthodontic treatment successful.

Types of Braces

  • Metal Braces / Traditional Braces - typically the least expensive; most noticeable on teeth.
  • Ceramic Braces - Less noticeable on teeth, but care must be shown to prevent staining.
  • Invisalign - Uses clear aligners that are virtually invisible to gradually straighten teeth

Appliances we use to help straighten teeth

Dr. Rajani may also opt to use certain appliances in accordance with, or prior to orthodontic treatment. They include, but are not limited to Head gear (worn while sleeping), Thumb/Finger appliance (for thumb suckers), Tongue Thrusting appliance, Palatal expanders (to make space in the upper jaw) and orthodontic splints.    

Benefits of Orthodontics

The benefits of braces are more than straight teeth. Straight teeth are less prone to cavities and gum disease. They provide proper jaw function and bite. Most importantly, they always inspire increased self-confidence, which will show through in your daily interactions with others. Be prepared to do a lot of smiling!

Prevent Orthodontic Problems by Avoiding These 5 Habits

Often, patients believe orthodontic problems are caused primarily by genetics. While genetics do play a role in whether or not you will develop an uneven bite, they do not represent the entire picture. Genetics are simply the one factor we can’t control.

Orthodontic problems often begin when we are very young, but even adults exhibit some of the following behaviors. Whether you’re observing them in yourself or in one of your children it’s important to get these habits under control if you want to avoid costly procedures later in life.

  • Thumb Sucking: Thumb sucking may seem harmless, but it actually puts pressure on your upper teeth. It also creates pressure on your upper jaw. It may not seem like much pressure…but it really doesn’t take much. If it did, the science of orthodontics would not work at all. After all, we’re able to make adjustments on adult teeth with Invisalign simply by putting very subtle pressure on the teeth with our aligners. Thumb sucking is doing the same thing…it’s just not working in your child’s favor. While the habit may comfort your child in the short term, in the long run it can cause massive problems, including speech impediments and other issues. Need help getting it done? Parenting Magazine offers some tips on helping your child break this destructive habit.

  • Pencil, Pen, and Ice Chewing: If you regularly borrow pencils only to return gnawed up messes, you might want to break this habit just to spare yourself some embarrassment! Again, you’re putting pressure on your jaw and on the teeth themselves. Keep in mind that pencil, pen, and ice chewing can cause other dental problems. For example, you might chip some of the enamel right off your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to decay.

  • Nail Biting: This habit is especially pernicious. It wears your teeth down and, again, moves them out of position. In addition, it can make you sicker—you touch more germs than you think you do during the course of a day, and nail biting puts those germs directly in your mouth. Nail biting has also caused us to have to delay treatment for some patients. This is because it weakens tooth roots, creating problems we have to address before offering either traditional braces or Invisalign braces. In short, it’s an awfully expensive way to alleviate nerves or boredom.

  • Poor Tongue Posture: This one may not be as easy to understand as the other habits, which are far more familiar. Most people don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what their tongue is doing. However, if you place your tongue between your teeth while you swallow you’re executing a “tongue thrust.” Believe it or not, you’re actually putting several pounds of pressure on your teeth every time you do this. Your tongue is stronger than you think it is! As you can imagine, tongue thrust can easily create an overbite. If you have this problem, it’s important to recognize it and become conscious of it as quickly as you can.

  • Mouth Breathing: If you have large tonsils or are routinely stopped up, you may be in the habit of breathing through your mouth. It’s important to address these issues as an open mouth causes additional problems with your tongue posture. Mouth breathing can promote tongue thrust. Remember, we actually swallow many times throughout the day, not just when we are eating. Whether your tongue posture is caused by bad habits or by sinus problems, there are ways to train your tongue so that it stops causing problems. 

We’re here to help

We’re not judging you if you or your child have any of the habits which lead to orthodontic problems. We’re simply here to help you and your family enjoy your best, brightest, and most attractive smiles we can give you.

If past habits have led you to crooked or misaligned teeth, call us to make an appointment. We’ll have a look at your situation and go over your options so you can enjoy ideal oral health both now and in the future.

So if you are looking to get metal or clear braces in Yonkers, call 914-423-1900 today to schedule your appointment!