Dr. Amit Rajani

What are some other advantages of getting my braces from Yonkers Avenue Dental?

We’re a general dentistry office. Stressed and short on time? You don’t really want to create a situation where Johnny goes to the pediatric dentist, Susie goes to the orthodontist, Mom goes to the general dentist and Dad goes to the oral surgeon. Who wants to deal with all that?

Instead, our office offers a comprehensive range of dental services, allowing the entire family to come in and see us. Our patients typically find they are able to get the majority of their work done under one roof. That’s a lot more convenient than running all over town.

In addition, through the course of traditional orthodontic treatment, patients are generally only going to see their orthodontist once a month, or once every two months. Typically, patients forget to go back to their general dentist for cleaning or other care.

But whenever you come see us we’re looking at anything and everything that’s going on inside your mouth. We might see gum inflammation or cavities. We might see other problems that must be taken care of immediately. It’s a lot more efficient and a lot easier to deal with all of that right here.

Is your bite less than optimal? Then make an appointment to come on out and see us today! 

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