Dr. Amit Rajani

Are there other advantages to getting your Invisalign treatments at Yonkers Dental?

Absolutely. You see, our team has an orthodontics background—unusual for most general dentistry offices. During the Invisalign process we sometimes do see some unwanted tooth movements. Our computer models are pretty good, but they can’t predict every variable. Biology is what it is.

Now, if your Invisalign provider did not have an orthodontic background, you might spend an awful lot of time using the wrong trays. But our background prevents this, because we’ve got a better chance of predicting what will happen and guiding the process.

We also require our patients to come in every month so we can check on the progress of treatment. This may seem a little inconvenient, but there’s a really good reason for it.

You see, some offices just hand patients a big box with 20 aligners inside. They say, “Good luck! See you in a few months!”

Here, we only give patients two trays at a time. We really feel like it’s vital to monitor what’s going on, and to make sure all the attachments are there. We want to see that the teeth are moving the way we want them to move. If something isn’t quite right, we can spot these issues early on and make adjustments. This is far better than creating an unhappy patient when the course of treatment is complete.

It’s about recognizing the limitations of the system, as well as the benefits.

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