Dr. Amit Rajani

I have a chip in my front tooth. Can you use dental bonding to repair it?

Dental bonding is indeed used to fix small chips in teeth that are in your smile. It is a simple, short procedure that will have the tooth repaired in no time! The color of the bonding is matched to the shade of your teeth for a natural appearance.  It is wise to refrain from consuming staining beverages or foods to prevent staining as well as avoiding biting on hard foods.  Bonding small chips is an ideal treatment option.

If the tooth has more than a small chip, a porcelain veneer or crown can also be used to restore the tooth to a natural appearance.  A porcelain veneer is a very thin piece of porcelain that can be permanently cemented to the front of the tooth. The color of the veneer matches the color of your natural teeth. A crown is another treatment option that can add even more support and protection for the tooth while restoring your smile in Yonkers.

At Yonkers Avenue Dental we are happy to schedule an appointment to discuss bonding, or schedule an emergency treatment for teeth that have significant fractures. Call our office today and schedule an appointment.

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