Dr. Amit Rajani

Will my dentures feel uncomfortable?

Getting fitted for dentures in Yonkers is an easy and comfortable process at Yonkers Avenue Dental. However, any type of dental restoration or custom fabricated appliance will take some time to get used to. Dentures have been worn by many patients over the years and the materials used have improved as well. There are two different types of dentures that can be fabricated: dentures that are retained in the mouth by the remaining teeth or the ridge of the jaw bone or there are dentures which are retained by implants.

Partial or complete dentures that are retained by teeth / ridge of the jaw bone are the most commonly used because the initial cost is very low. These dentures will need to be remade every three to five years as the jaw bone tends to flatten out beneath them. If they are partial dentures, the denture will hold onto existing teeth which puts stress on those teeth to do the job of a complete set. Eventually, the retaining teeth will need to be extracted and patients then move into complete dentures.  The initial cost is lower but the frequency in remaking these teeth will add up over the years. When these types of dentures do not fit properly patients may need to use a little denture adhesive to hold them in position.

Partial or complete dentures that are retained by implants are simply dentures that adhere to several titanium implants and do not require denture adhesive. These dentures are widely accepted by patients as they feel secure and function very well. The bone around the titanium implant is retained and does not flatten out as with the other type of denture.

Dentures at Yonkers Avenue Dental will be custom fabricated for each patient with the intention of making the fit and comfort a priority. It will take time for your mouth to become accustomed to the denture. After a few weeks however, you will feel comfortable eating and talking with your dentures and experience little to no soreness or discomfort. If you do feel soreness and discomfort, please bring it to our attention so that we may adjust your denture. Your comfort and happiness is our main concern.

Please call our office to schedule an appointment for an examination. Dr. Rajani will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  

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