Dr. Amit Rajani

How can I pay for cosmetic dentistry?

Some dental insurance providers cover a portion of some cosmetic dentistry costs, but they will rarely foot the entire bill. For example, if you get a crown they might be willing to pay up to the cost of what the metal crown would have cost, but you’d be responsible for the difference between the metal crown and the more cosmetically attractive composite crown.

Dental insurance companies sometimes pay for half the cost of a dental implant, but they rarely pay for more. Thus, most patients will have to create a strategy for settling the bill in some other way, even if they have excellent coverage.

Here at our offices we offer several payment plans and financing options, including Care Credit and Comprehensive Finance. In addition, some of our customers choose to pay for cosmetic dentistry procedures with credit cards or other small loans. We’ve even had some patients come in, get a quote, and go off to save up what they need.

We will work with you. Schedule an appointment and we’ll see what we can do.

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