Dr. Amit Rajani

Will my root canal hurt?

It seems everyone knows someone who has had a bad experience at the dentist, and they are always willing to tell their story. Do people really discuss their good experiences? Not at all! Have faith that root canals at Yonkers Avenue Dental are done painlessly. With the knowledge that exists today in dentistry there is simply no reason for pain during dental procedures. Dr. Rajani is very proficient at what he does and will make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

The techniques used to perform root canals have advanced considerably, making this a routine procedure no more uncomfortable or inconvenient than a filling. Many people are in considerable pain and having a root canal relieves the pain and pressure associated with an infected tooth. After the procedure you may feel sore or tender in the area that needed the root canal, but this will quickly fade as well.

Be assured that Dr. Rajani will be available to you even after treatment should you have any concerns. Waiting to address cavities is the cause of root canals. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you are in pain currently, have swelling, throbbing or redness in the affected area. These are signs of infection that may need antibiotics. If you think you have cavities feel free to call us to schedule an examination appointment and we can devise a treatment plan to take care of your teeth and avoid infection and pain.

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