Dr. Amit Rajani

What's the best way to straighten my crooked teeth?

While most people seek attention for crooked teeth because they are unhappy with their appearance, most people do not realize that having crooked teeth and not seeking treatment increases the possibility of developing gum disease.

Addressing crooked teeth may prevent various dental and medical concerns such as:

  • abnormal and premature tooth wear;
  • jaw problems, headaches, shoulder and neck pain;
  • increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease;
  • poor self-esteem due to appearance.

Even the loss of one tooth due to decay or gum disease can cause instability in the rest of the teeth. Early prevention of decay and replacing missing teeth is important for the health of your other teeth.

At Yonkers Avenue Dental, we have an increased range of therapeutic options available that can straighten your teeth and give you many reasons to smile.

Invisalign invisible braces in Yonkers will give you strong, healthy and straight teeth without the need for unsightly and uncomfortable metal braces.

You can enjoy all the benefits of braces without having to sacrifice your smile or compromise on what you like to eat. They are removable, replaceable, comfortable and custom made to fit your teeth. Adults love Invisalign as they can improve a crowded or crooked smile without anyone noticing that they’re wearing braces. If you are looking for Invisalign treatment in Yonkers, contact Yonkers Avenue Dental.

Let us help you achieve a smile that will last for a lifetime. Contact Yonkers Avenue Dental today!

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